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The New Lamborghini Sián

Lamborghini Sian

The new Lamborghini Sian is the fastest Lamborghini of all time. The Sian is the first Lamborghini to use groundbreaking hybrid technology. This stunning Lamborghini was produced in a limited series of only 63 units, and cost 3.6 million dollars each. The unit amount was chosen in honor of the Lamborghini’s founding year of 1963. Unfortunately for Lamborghini enthusiast, all 63 units have already been sold. Even though the model is sold out, it is still worth exploring the innovation and technology behind the Sian. Let’s take this opportunity to dive deeper and learn more about this new innovative Lamborghini.


Taking the most iconic V12 Lamborghini power plant of today, the Sián is engineered around unique hybrid technologies, delivering the extraordinary emotion and exceptional dynamic performance of a naturally aspirated Lamborghini super sports car, while meeting a future demanding electrification.

This advanced technology combines with the V12 engine, which incorporates titanium intake valves and is uprated to 785 hp (577 kW) at 8,500 rpm: the highest output ever from a Lamborghini power plant. Combined with the additional 34 hp from the hybrid system, the Sián delivers a total of 819 hp (602 kW). and still produces the distinctly emotive resonance demanded from a Lamborghini engine. The Sián’s weight-to-power ratio is better than that of the Aventador SVJ, achieved through extensive use of lightweight materials. The Sián reaches a top speed of over 217.48 mph (350 km/h).


The innovative system also delivers instant acceleration in low gears, with improved traction force provided by the combination of the V12 engine and hybrid system. This makes the Sián the fastest-accelerating Lamborghini ever, achieving 0 to 62mph (100 km/h) in less than 2.8 seconds. The improvement in elasticity maneuvers is even more evident. Traction force is improved by up to 10% in third gear and the 30 to 60 km/h acceleration time is improved by 0.2 seconds compared to the Aventador SVJ. In higher gears and lower speeds, the electric motor increases traction force by up to 20%, reducing the 70 to 120 km/h acceleration by 1.2 seconds compared to the Aventador SVJ.


This new level of Lamborghini performance and driving emotion is accompanied by a heightened level of driving comfort facilitated by the hybrid system. The Lamborghini Sián’s design demonstrates its clear intent: a visionary and futuristic design in combination with outstanding aerodynamic solutions. It is a new super sports car for a new era, but still with the heart and soul of a Lamborghini, pushing the limits to fulfill the highest expectations.

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